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About us

Nigel Turner runs Turner and Wilson (Whitwell) Ltd with his business partner Christopher Walters. It was established when Nigel's father Ray and his business partner Brian Wilson acquired the business in 1970 from William Staples, for whom they had worked since the age of 15.

Nigel helped his father in the business from an early age, and so funerals were simply a part of his life. When Ray decided to retire Nigel took the helm, assisted by Christopher.

The business is run from Nigel's home in Whitwell, and has its own very private Chapel of Rest to the rear of the house.

They have very strong family values and sense of service to the village and community.

Nigel Turner

Call Turner and Wilson Ltd:

Telephone: 01909 720543 / 721494

Mobile: 07803 944299


page last updated: 05/04/2013